Living (or dying) to pay your doctor? 

Can you save $500,000.00 for retirement?  


What should you spend it on?  


Your DOCTOR certainly has some ideas. 

Financial planners now recommend setting aside at least $500,000.00 (up from $350,000.00!) for retiree health issues--including long term illnesses like:

  • Cancer

  • Obesity & autoimmune

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease of all types

  • Dementia

  • Arthritis

  • Facility care when these (and many others) become UNMANAGEABLE

That is, you need to be ready to get sick and STAY sick.


Experts predict that by 2040, 1 of every 3 dollars will be spent on health care.

Does this have to be you? Are you locked in? 

Opt out of long term illness

Advisors should NOT encourage retirees to accept life as arthritic, obese, atherosclerotic, cancer-prone, diabetic permanent patients. 

Advisors combat bad savings habits every day.  It's time they attacked lifestyle factors that directly affect finances. 

If your financial pro suggests "saving for medical expenses" but DOESN'T address how to avoid them...isn't that incomplete advice?  

Older Americans need to know that simple lifestyle and diet changes can vastly improve their chances of good health--and longer life.

Planning to fail: embrace illness, die young

Decades of media-fueled, irresponsible life habits  are sickening whole generations.  

Impact is heaviest after retirement, as our bodies surrender to years of sustained abuse (from alcohol, smoking, sugar & white flour, and additive-laced processed foods.) 

Lulled by media "ad-formation," we gradually whittle away our later years, naively consuming toxic, time-bomb junk.  


Suddenly we're obese, diabetic, arthritic.  Healthcare is our new hobby, including monthly or even weekly physician visits.  Medications parade across our dining tables and dressers, cluttering our kitchens and bathrooms.  


Failing health restricts our activity even as it shortens our lives.  We tire easily, spending more and more time...with popular media.  

Even if we DO have half million dollars to throw at all this, haven't we still "planned to fail?"  

Real financial planning is LIFE planning

Retirement prep should address quality of life, longevity, and good health--not just how to pay for years of bad habits.

A single planner may not have all the answers. Consider forming a team that includes financial, life & health coaching, and possibly "alternative" medical advice.  

Be ready to spend 1-2% of that half million on your team.   It really could save  you the other 98%.

Look for people who can respectfully challenge your questionable habits--and back their ideas up with hard information.  

There IS hard information out there, that can help you drastically reduce the likelihood of chronic illness--but you won't get it from mainstream media, or even most doctors.




Retire to thrive, learn, give back


For thousands of years, whole societies have lived to ripe old age, remained active, and avoided debilitating, chronic disease.  


Today's retirees have exactly the same options--and the time to explore them.  Take a few weeks or months to get your bearings.  Don't be afraid of new ideas.


Actually, don't be afraid of OLD ideas.  The most profound wisdom on health and longevity often pre-dates modern medical science.


You'll be surprised what you can learn--and implement in your life-- to avoid or alleviate chronic health problems. You will want to share what you learn about:


  • Simple food choices


  • Activity and exercise


  • Stress and sleep 

...and sharing these ideas is all-important.  You learn better if you're teaching others, and your loved ones NEED this information.


Not retired yet?  Great--you have more time to add years to your life.  Start ramping up now to clear-eyed, vigorous advanced age.    

Feel like you can't retire?  Welcome to the club.  These same  lifestyle "hacks" can boost productivity and stamina.  





Financial strategies are the bedrock of retirement, including: 

  • Proper investments & tax strategy

  • Adequate insurance 

  • Appropriate trust & succession planning 

  • Liquidity for emergencies

BUT: "retirement" is not just minding your money, it's your chance to slow down and tinker with the remaining years, try new things, stay healthy--and maybe get healthier.

No one knows the future--but there's a lot of information out there that can help you reduce your chances of chronic illness.  


Yes--go ahead, set the money aside for healthcare.   

Then, take a hard look at caring for your health.

It might save you $500,000.00.  

"Living well is the best revenge."


David is not a medical practitioner and does not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  He offers information and personal experience only.  Check with your properly accredited healthcare professional if you believe you are injured or ill.


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